Samsung PN64D8000

The D8000 series is Samsung’s flagship series for 2011, and the PND8000 models are the company’s best Plasma screens to date. The Samsung PN64D8000 is the largest in the series, offering a combination of a stunning design, amazing picture quality and a ton of great features that are at par or even better than its toughest competitors.

Those who judge 3d HDTV panels by their looks are sure to be pleased by the design of the PN64D8000. Unlike the Plasma sets of previous years, after all, its bezel is only a little over an inch thick along the top and sides and seamlessly blends with the screen, which is also an inch wider for a ‘less frame, more picture’ appeal, or in Samsung’s words, the Plasma +1 technology. Although the frame may appear black at first, it is actually titanium with a transparent edge, lending the panel more sophistication, and the stand, which swivels, is also out to make its own design statement, consisting of four metallic legs like Samsung’s other 2011 HDTVs. Read more HDTV reviews over at!

The remote, like the one that accompanies Samsung’s other flagship models, is not your ordinary clicker. It may look like that on the surface, with responsive, backlit keys well laid out, but flip it over and you will find a QWERTY keypad for using the best HDTVs browser. The keypad even has a small screen so you can see what you’re typing without shifting your gaze too far, although it lacks backlighting, and it is equipped with Bluetooth technology, as well. The on-screen menu remains one of Samsung’s strengths, with helpful hints and a design that’s easy on the eyes.